Querido Chile

I imagine that, over time, I will expose some of my weird and wild obsessions on this blog. One of my healthiest obsessions is my fascination with Chile. I fell for Chile after reading a number of Isabel Allende books. I love the way that she describes the geography and makes the backdrop as important as the characters in the story. It seems like a magical place to me – majestic mountains, beautiful beaches and arid desert all ripe for exploring. Chile tops my list of places to visit before I die and I am planning a three-week adventure for 2011.

When I think of Chile it inspires feelings of loving someone from afar. My heart beats a little bit faster when I come across a travel article on the internet or catch a Chilean fruit advertisement on TV. Somehow, I stumbled upon the Amazing Race a couple of weeks ago and my eyes were glued to the screen because the competition commenced on the coast in Valparaiso and moved on to Puerto Varas, a charming little German-town in the Lake District. I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, motivated and inspired because I know that my first date with Chile is not too far off.

All that being said, you could imagine my heartache when I came across a random post on Facebook on Saturday morning about prayers for Chile. I immediately googled and found that there was a massive earthquake and tsunami – 8.8 on the richter is no joke! I saw some tragic pictures and cannot even imagine what it is like to lose loved ones, shelter or the ability to meet basic needs due to natural disaster.

I pray that mis hermanos Chilenos can find some peace as they establish the rituals of their new normal and begin to recover from this catastrophe. Tonight, I am looking for ways to send help (I’m not totally convinced that I should donate to Red Cross, although historically that is where I give). In 2011, I will do my part by spending a little dinero.

Querido Chile, mi corazon esta contigo…